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It is a good idea to review and evaluate all the products you have seen since January. In November, the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix is undoubtedly the main event. There is still one other major event that takes place in Geneva to reward the most successful products. The Watches Days is an exhibition that takes place in mid-November. This event is held at Espace Hippomne and the public can attend for free. Visitors can vote for their favorite models. These votes will determine the winners of the competition. This event is unique in that it does not have a jury. It is in fact the only event with this type voting in Switzerland.

Grand Prix du Public awards are divided into three categories. The awards are presented to the male and female watches that have been deemed best. A separate award is given for the best horological innovation. The visitors to the 2011 exhibition chose ulysse nardin replica Hora Mundi for the best men's replica watches Butterfly Symphony was chosen as the best wristwatch for women. The top New Watchmaking Award went to MB&F Legacy Machine 1 timepiece.

Let's look closer at the models that won the awards after we have explained the awarding process. The best men's watch is ulysse nardin replica for the second year in a row. As we reported previously, the ulysse nardin replica Classic Hour Mundi model won this year's Grand Prix de Public 1ere Montre Homme Award. This incredible timepiece is the first mechanical timepiece that allows instant jumping between two previously selected times zones. The watch is made of precious materials. For a 44 mm case with a thickness of 13.5 mm, you can choose between 950 platinum and rose gold.

The case is a special finish with fluted sides.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica The solid gold face is available in three different versions and features hand engraving. The three versions each depict a different part of the globe (Americas, Europe or Asia) as they are suitable for a timepiece with multiple time zones. The dial also includes a calendar, as well as a stunning night and day indicator. This display depicts the sky with lapis, and the stars with pyrite. This indication is made of solid gold.

In the category of ladies timepieces, the Butterfly Symphony Watch is the most popular choice. It belongs to the Complications Poetiques Collection. This model has a dial that is reminiscent of the winner for men. The time is displayed using an intriguing principle. Two butterflies move around the dial. The one on the left shows the hour, and the other the minute. The retrograde movement makes this possible. This is a hand-wound mechanical mechanism with a frequency of 21600 vph, and a power reserve of about 39 hours.

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